3rd July, 2012

Anonymous asks:

I do experience sexual attraction toward people sometimes (though not frequently), but most of my crushes on actual people tend to be asexual. However, I experience a LOT of attraction and desire for fictional characters. Especially animated ones. If it weren't for my drive for characters, I'd consider myself a grey-ace, I think, but the ease at which I get hot and bothered for fictional characters throws me off.... What do you think?

I have no idea. I’d say that if you experience a lot of sexual attraction than it doesn’t sound gray-a to me, but if it is limited circumstances than it very well could fall into the gray-a category. I guess in your position I’d be asking myself why it is primarily fictional characters.

You’re the only one who really has the answers. I can provide definitions and opinion, but I’m not some arbiter of labels. I’m just a gray-a person who spent a lot of time figuring out how they identify.