25th May, 2012

Anonymous asks:

I'm sure this is just like a lot of other questions you receive, but having a sensual attraction, and not minding sex, but not particularly looking to have sex is considered gray-a, right? For example, to me sex is basically just an intense cuddle taken to another level. I don't get any sexual satisfaction out of it and wouldn't be the one to suggest it, but I don't mind it and it's fun on occasion. I was also wondering if there was a more specific term for this? Thanks for reading this btw =)

Since behavior is not attraction, it is completely possible to enjoy sex and be asexual. I suppose if you want a specific term for someone who does not experience sexual attraction but does not mind sex, that term would be an indifferent asexual, or an asexual who is indifferent to sex.

Gray asexuality describes people who experience something akin to sexual attraction that they identify as a kind of sexual attraction.


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